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Provide Highly Specialized Service In different areas of business

Strategic Business Units

Connect is composed of four Business Units and Departments that provide highly specialized and technical services. These business units include MainBU,BDM, Engineering Dept., and Projects Dept. Each Department has its own qualified team that consists of business unit managers, pre-sales staff, product managers, engineers, and coordinators. From the design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of new systems, to the upgrade, support and management of existing systems in different activity sectors, Connect portfolio of solutions is one of the most comprehensive in the Field. We offer our customers a single point of contact by covering a wide range of Fire Protection & low current solutions and technologies with credible experiences to meet local needs and deliver customized solutions. This is our signature quality that has consistently distinguished our services and garnered our clients’ professional trust


The Main BU focuses on integration between Firefightingsolutions and Infrastructure and low Current Solutions with market Requirements and needs. Building Business analytics, Strategic plans to fulfil vision and mission of company .​​


Business Development Management (BDM) focuses on Provide unique and powerful solutions, providing new products made by our partners and cooperate with new partners to open chances for high quality products fulfil customers’ needs


​Engineering Dept. focuses on Engineering Design Selecting Best solutions and offer engineering consulting services based on professional experience in contracting and engineering field .consist of highly skilled and qualified number of engineers who have deep insight knowledge and experiences in Firefighting and Low Current Solutions.


​Projects Dept. Managing running projects and installations process through professional site managers and engineers and high-qualified workers certified to install pre-engineered systems in firefighting solutions, such as sprinklers systems, gas suppression systems, foam and fire alarm.